Development Partnerships

The core business of Cambridge Flow Solutions is “Development Partnerships”. A Development Partnership is an intense collaboration which integrates Cambridge Flow Solutions research into the partner organisation’s strategic vision for their Future Simulation System.

The functionality and development of our suite of software systems is driven by the needs of the partner, integrated within their in-house systems. Validation and user-experience is fed back to us, to inform and improve our work. The combination of:

  • access to real-world industry problems
  • collaborative experience in applying our software to solve these problems
  • positive feedback to improve our software

gives us and our research a unique advantage over commercial off the shelf products.

Partners get access to the core BOXER development path through source-code access and very strong collaboration and interaction with Cambridge Flow Solution’s development and engineering team. Development Partnerships are a significant investment and commitment and require funding of order two to four man-years per calendar year, for a two to three year funding horizon - with no license restrictions - and also provide to a partner substantially reduced license fees in the long-term.

Benefits include:

  • integration into the partner’s strategic simulation plans
  • the opportunity to improve and customise our software via collaboration
  • full access to source code and unlimited user/seat/site licensing within your own immediate organisation
  • detailed and continuous input to technical planning and development
  • substantial on-site coding and application support