Who we are

Cambridge Flow Solutions (CFS) is a provider of proprietary software and services to support simulation - especially Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Our team works in software development, research & collaboration with industry and in embedded consultancy roles.

Our foundation brought together an extensive background in the three demanding and complementary areas  of aerospace, turbomachinery and combustion, together with robust, validated in-house codes. We have since diversified into other application areas such as Motorsport, CAE, Oil and Gas, Energy and the Environment. Our experience in CFD has allowed us to identify the greatest gains to be made in improving simulation process software, together with the physical flow and industrial understanding required to build practical and useful applications.

CFS’s main staff base is in our head office in Cambridge. CFS is one of 3,500 technology firms in the ‘Cambridge Technopole’ region of innovative activity. With the city of Cambridge at its heart, it is one of the fastest growing economic regions of the UK.

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CFS head offices in Cambridge Science Park