A fluid/solid mesh for an automotive brake caliper and disk

CAE for realistic design is often based on complex and disparate geometry sources, and involves meshing for different classes of physics, each with specific requirements. Although developed initially with a focus on CFD analysis, the hex-dominant meshes generated by BOXERmesh are increasingly finding applications throughout CAE :

  • Conjugate heat-transfer, e.g. concurrent aero-thermal and mechanical heat-transfer analysis
  • Multi-region CFD, e.g. porous media zones or multiple frames of reference
  • Meshing for FE analysis – particularly for very large, complex assemblies
  • Rapid prototyping/modeling – where very fast turnaround is key

For these applications, BOXERmesh produces meshes with exact conformal matches at the interface between regions – greatly easing the requirements for downstream modelling.

We have developed substantial practical experience within CAE of building scripted, integrated workflows with BOXERmesh at the core powering a variety of proprietary and 3rd party simulation software.

Detail of conformal interfaces between fluid and solid domains

CFS_Turbine_NICE layers_V2

Conjugate heat transfer mesh around a turbine blade leading edge