Fluid modelling for automotive applications often requires complex geometry, which may come from various different sources (such as component suppliers) and is often poorly defined :
  • Underhood/engine-bay, undertray
  • Complex internal flows such as manifolds, turbocharger intake/exits and exhaust systems
  • Car climate control system
  • Automated assessment of candidate geometry, or of a motorsport operating envelope (roll/steer/yaw etc.)

In most of these cases, automated mesh specification via curvature and edge refinement is essential – as is automated sharp-feature capture and handling of zero-thickness surfaces. Feature-detection and thin-surface capture are entirely automatic in BOXERmesh.

Furthermore, complex automotive CAD can be imported directly, maintaining entity labelling and structure from the originating CAD system. This greatly aids mesh definition and boundary-condition specification in the downstream modelling process.

Underhood flow simulation

Detail of the surface mesh around the engine block of a motorbike

Base flow around a roadster