The range of simulation requirements in Aerospace has expanded significantly over time :
  • complex internal systems and assemblies
  • cooling and ventilation flows in the heat management of aircraft component bays, or the modelling of entire cabin air systems
  • deployment and retraction of complex assemblies, such as landing gears and wing flaps or slats

BOXERmesh’s powerful scripting capabilities provide a straightforward way of modifying and scheduling changes even to the most complex of assemblies directly at geometry input level, greatly facilitating these simulations.

This advantage, coupled with the ability to mesh & resolve tiny details in very large geometries, illustrates how CFS software is ideally placed to tackle the latest challenging Aerospace applications.

Viscous layers around a wing leading edge

Mesh of the JSF - F35 fighter. Detail of the jet exhaust and wheel bay

Undercarriage and wing-flap assembly of a Boeing 747

Detail of the mesh around a clearance on a landing gear strut